3. White Tunic suitable for Angel or Star - Medium Size

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This costume is made from 100% Cotton. The cotton in this costume is Organic.

This fabric is 'handloomed' which means there may be some irregularities in the weave. These are not faults, but add to the individuality and character of each costume.

The fabric of this costume does not have a fair trade certificate.

Union Flag

This costume was sewn in the United Kingdom by a workers' co-operative based in Northamptonshire.


This costume is a Medium size, which will fit children aged from around 4 - 7 years. Have a look at our Sizes page to see which size is best for your child.


All of our costumes are designed without fastenings. This means no tricky buttons, or scratchy Velcro for your child to struggle with. The simple, unfussy design means this costume is equally suitable for both boys and girls. The costumes with head dresses come with a very simple elastic head band.

Most of our costumes are suitable various Nativity roles such as Joseph, a Shepherd, the Inn keeper, a Traveller, a Villager or similar. They are all equally suitable for boys or girls.


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